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October 17, 2017

September 8, 2017
What to bring to the road test site:

So we all know that texting and driving is potentially dangerous. But it can also be expensive. The fine for a first violation is between $50 and $200, the second can go as high as $250 and the third as high as $450. That is one really expensive text!

Further, you are then penalized 5 points on your DMV record. If you reach 6 points in 18 months, you have an additional fee to pay (Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee) of $300. For every additional point over six, you must pay an additional $75.

So let’s say you get two tickets within 18 months for texting. That is as much as $450 dollars for the tickets and ten points on your license. The Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee would then be $600. The total of the two could reach $1050. For two texts…

If you have a learner’s permit, if you earned your license within the last six months, or have a DJ license (under 18) and are convicted of using a hand-held cell to communicate by voice or text, your permit (or license) will be suspended for $120 days. A second conviction within six months of the restoration of your driving privileges will result in a revocation of your permit (or license) for at least one year.

A suspension is different than a revocation. Suspensions are for a specific time period. Revocations are open ended. You may try for a license again when the State decides you may. There are fees for getting your privileges back, and when you do, you have to start over from the start. Permit, pre-licensing class, road test.
So, as you see, using a cell phone while driving can be extremely expensive.

And as much as the fines and fees may cost you, more importantly, you are endangering yourself and those around you. Find a safe place to pull over and save money and be a responsible driver.

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